• This Is How You Make Bu*thole Chocolates


  • Did you know there are chocolates that look like a buttcrack? Yes – you read it right – don’t be surprised or shocked! Even though is quite strange to know that there are chocolates that look like buttholes or buttcracks, but they are now gaining a lot of popularity in the market.


  • This revolutionary concept in the world of chocolates has been brought by Magnus Irvin. Once he pours chocolate over the crack of the butt, he allows it to mold into the shape.


  • Curious, but wanting to try it all by herself, Rayna Taylor, a gorgeous and glamorous model, met Magnus to explore this concept all on her own. She wanted to know the truth behind the chocolates that are of asshole’s shapes.

    Magnus has been making such chocolates since quite some time now, even though the concept has recently come into limelight. For him, making such chocolates is an art with a pinch of erotic attitude of the gift-givers.


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