• Why You Should Use An Ice Cube At The Back Of Your Neck!


  • This may seem a bit foolish at first, but all you need to do is try it before you comment on it. At first, even I reacted in the same manner, but the moment I tried it, I was on cloud 9!

    This point at the back of your neck is called The Feng Fu, the pressure point that helps you regain positive energies and feel energized enough to work all day long. But wait a minute… that’s not all about this point!

  • Using an ice cube at this point helps you feel lighter and look younger! Don’t believe me?

    Then invest a few moments and grab an ice cube right away to see the difference. This works like magic and helps in stabilizing mood, improve digestion, boost the quality of sleep, kick off cold, toothaches and headaches! It also allows you to gain enough strength to fight with different respiratory and cardiovascular issues, pre-menstrual symptoms, ugly period craps, thyroid problems and stress.

    Once you lie on your belly, simply keep an ice cube on your Feng Fu for around 20 minutes. The cube can be fixed with the help of a scarf. Repeat the process on empty stomach and before going off to bed after every two to three days and see the difference.