• 15 Astonishing Facts about RMS Titanic You Didn’t Know



    The Titanic was considered as the largest ship during its first voyage in the year 1912. It was really popular because most of the people believed it to be unsinkable. Considering the death of 1,500 people who died after the ship encountered a head-on collision with an iceberg, the belief related to the Titanic was no more there. The incident took place within five days of its starting of journey. Scroll down to know more facts regarding this mysterious ship.

  • 1. It has been estimated that the movie Titanic cost more than the cost of the ship


    The overall cost of the Titanic ship was $7,500,000 in 1912 and the total cost of creating the whole movie of Titanic in 1997 was $200,000,000. As for the adjustments that were being made for inflation in 2013, the estimated of cost for the ship and movie were $176,482,575 and $290,289,096 respectively.

  • 2. A film was made within 29 days of the incident of Titanic and it was played by an actress who had survived the incident. But playing the role made her really traumatized by nurturing the experience once again and she broke down mentally which made her decide to leave acting forever.


    The name of the movie was “Saved by the Titanic” which was presented as a silent motion picture and starred Dorothy Gibson who was a real survivor along with 27 other survivors within the first life boat which rescued them.

  • 3. While the ship was sinking, a priest refused to board the life boat twice as he opted to stay for listening to the confessions and pray for the absolution of the on board passengers.

    The person was father Thomas Byles who was a rector in St. Helen’s Roman Catholic Church at a place known as Chipping Ongar. Unfortunately, he perished along with the other 1,500 passengers in that dreadful night.