• 10 Signs You Are Dating a Psychopath


  • 5) Best sex ever:

    Those who have been with a psychopath, often report that it is the best they have ever got. This is because a psychopath will go to any lengths to be in your good books but once you are hooked, they stop giving it.

  • 6) Mask starts to fade:

    You may catch the psychopath blurting something abnormal about him at times. Like you may be in the kitchen while he mumbles from behind you “I have been cheating on you”. Then he will dodge it by saying it was a joke, or by denying it completely.


    7) The silent treatment:

    Once the psychopaths realize that you have been hooked, they start to devalue you. They do this by giving you the silent treatment. Of course at the end of the day, they will hold you responsible for such behavior.

  • 8) Threesome game:

    After the silent treatment, they start to introduce you to people such as his ex girlfriend or their ex wife, a person who will potentially be a competition to you. Psychopaths love to create jealousy.