• 9 People who were found dead Years after their death


  • 7. The German Man Who was Found Dead Seven Years Later in Bed


    The corpse of a deceased German man was found alone in bed in 2007 nearly seven years after his death. Police officials of the German city of Essen reported that the man was 59 years old when he died and also said that the man might have passed away near the turn of the century.

    The police discovered a television guide, a pack of cigarettes and some Deutschemark coins near his remains. These coins have been out of circulation since Germany switched over to the Euro. The old man’s apartment was located in a building which shared space with other apartments and office buildings. The smell of rotting corpse would have alerted people, however many apartments were vacant around for anyone to notice.

  • 8. The Man Was Found Dead Four Years After His Suicide In His Foreclosed Home


    A Milwaukee real estate agent in 2012 entered a repossessed property to spot something he would never like to recall. The body of David Carter was found on the stairs in a skeleton state four years after his death.

    Carter quit his job as a Nuisance Control Officer for the City of Milwaukee in the year 2007. He had informed his co-workers that he planned to locate in New Mexico. Later it was found that he committed suicide. A bullet wound was found on his brain and a handgun was found in his chest on the day he would have turned 45.

  • 9. The Man was discovered by Cleaners Who Arrived to Clear His Home


    A loner was found dead in his flat for two years. His skeletal remains were discovered by deep cleaners who went to his flat on November 2012. His landlord and bailiffs had visited his flat eleven days earlier to investigate the time lags in the payment of rent. Police officials said that Mr. Allen had passed away in December 2010 while he was around 50 years old. None of his acquaintances or family was traced by the police officials. The flat was rented since 1999 and only a few personal items were found.

    A very common thing amongst these people is that all of them were either alone, or they had abandoned themselves from the world.

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