• 12 Creative and Unique Motorcycles


  • Motorcycles have always been a passion of men. Celebs from every walk of life have never failed to display their affection for this mode of transportation. Motorcycles seem to be the only vehicle which has a variety of price ranges coupled with style factors which make it easier for people from different demographics to own it. Some might love a big muscular Harley Davidson, whereas others would have a passion for blazing fast Sports bikes.

    Then there are some creative individuals who designed and customized their motorcycles painstakingly. Today we bring you some of the most incredibly designed motorcycles ever from every corner of the world.


    1. Skeleton Bike


    Seen above is a picture of a Skeleton bike weighing 395 kilograms with a top speed of 90 to 95 miles, which is around 144 to 152 kilometers per hour. This stunner actually has car tyres and the creator of this bike is John Holt from New York City, who in the past was a metal blender.

  • 2. Gun Bus 410


    The Gun Bus 410 is the biggest bike in the world measuring 3.47 meters long. It is designed by Clemens F Leonhardt. Gun Bus is a perfect combination of good stylish design and performance.

  • 3. Futuristic Bike


    This bike was first seen at the Sturgus rally. It was designed by a very well known bike builder named Billy lane.