• Most Intense Archaeological Discoveries In Human History


  • 4. The Grauballe Man


    The Grauballe Man is a uniquely mummified body, unlike any other. It is not because he is still well preserved with his hair and fingernails intact; instead, it is even possible to construct his demise as there was lot of wrapping around his neck, which means that he was sacrificed for getting a better harvest.

  • 5. Upland Moa


    The picture shown above is of Upland Moa, a prehistoric bird that was known for having a nasty set of claws.  These claws were found in the year of 1986 in an excavation at Mount Owen in New Zealand. It was a well preserved set of claws as it was under the layers of a cave system in Mount Owen.

  • 6. Skeletons of soldiers


    During the rail road work in Dorset, workers found some headless skeletons while digging. Initially, archaeologists thought that these were villagers who were trying to escape a raid. However, upon detailed inspection it was found out that these skeletons were of soldiers (Vikings) who were killed by an attack from the front. They were buried headless by their rivals. Hence archaeologists are still not sure what really happened.