• Most Intense Archaeological Discoveries In Human History


  • Archaeology may not sound exciting like many other professions in the world. It definitely has its moments; it is not like every day one would be excavating mummies, but there is always a chance of finding remains of buried colonies, or some fairly intense artefacts, which can be ancient computers, massive underground armies or something even more exciting. Let’s have a look at some of the archaeological milestones till date.

    1. Vampire of Venice


    The picture of the skull you are looking up here was found by archaeologists outside Venice in a grave.  As we can see in this picture that the mouth of this skull is filled with a brick; it is because it’s a skull of a vampire. In the ancient days, vampires’ mouths were filled with brick and cement in order to stop them from sucking blood.

  • 2. Unknown Man E


    The one above is named Unknown Man E, and was found by Gaston Masparo in 1886. Most of the mummies are found with permanent screams and that is because Egyptians never considered strapping their chins. Hence, this causes dropping of the jaws of dead bodies, which in this case happens to be mummies.

  • 3.  Terra Cotta Army


    After Qin Shi Huang’s death, the first emperor of China, he was buried with his live terracotta army with an intention of protecting the king in the afterlife. We can say that it is a Chinese mummified emperor with his loyal army.