• True Meanings of 10 Common Tattoos


  • We've all seen tattoos, but some of their true meanings can be quite shocking as mentioned below.


    1. Fairy tattoos

    Fairy tattoos represent an amalgation of fantasy and magic. Their usual meaning is inspiration and awe.


  • 2. Spiderweb tattoos

    Spiderweb tattoos mean many things, most pertaining to prison. Basically, one on the elbow means that the wearer has been to a prison, and the number of concentric circles are the number of years!


  • 3. Skull tattoo

    The meaning of a skull tattoo is quite obvious– death, rotting bodies and darkness; however there are several other meanings for them too.  What's called a "Sugar Skull" may stand for death, but can also be a reminder to celebrate life before death comes. Skulls set one on top of the other can mean the defeating of obstacles.