• 15 Incredibly Mind Boggling Facts About The Human Body



  • Your body is more interesting than you know! The human body is a complex structure of bones, nervous system, muscles and much more. It constitutes numerous functions to help us keep working. Apart from just breathing and making muscular movements, here are 15 astounding facts which will leave you wondering.


    1) As much as 2.5 trillions of red blood cells circulate in our body and one drop of blood contains around 5 million red blood cells! Which exist for about 120 days, which are again produced by our bone marrow. 


  • 2.) As soon as we touch something, the nervous system sends our brain the message at a speed of 250 mph!

    Nervous Systemwikimedia

  • 3.) A healthy human heart beats up to 100,000 times a day and about 30 million times in a year!