• Amazing Things Found Buried Underground


  • 1. Stone Weapon

    Archaeologists excavating in Ontario, Canada chanced upon an old stone hunting weapon that could be 10,000 years old!


  • 2. Coin Hoard

    A man using a metal detector found a stash of coins buried at the Hallaton site. Among other items, a 2000-year old Roman cavalry helmet was also unearthed. The truly amazing part of this find is that it was in thousands of pieces and took experts years to put them all back into one piece.


  • 3. King Richard III

    The body of King Richard III of England was unearthed in 2012 in the parking lot of what was formerly a medieval church. Evidence indicated the body had scoliosis, just as Richard himself was said to have had, and DNA tests confirmed the fact.


  • 4. Marijuana

    The oldest find of marijuana in the world was discovered buried in the Gobi Desert in a 2,700 year old grave!